At the moment we look after 2850 Principal members – the overwhelming majority of them are on Discovery Health. We do also have members on Fedhealth, Momentum Health and elsewhere in Africa, particularly (West Africa) we make use of Allianz and Liberty Blue.

Interestingly, we have 280 families between Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi and Mozambique on Discovery Health, which is a very popular option especially following the Rand’s continual devaluation, which makes Discovery Health attractively affordable.

The Discovery Underwriting process whereby after a maximum of a one year waiting period the slate is wiped clean – is also highly attractive, to people with previous medical conditions, e.g Cancer,heart conditions or hemophilia etc.

We welcome individual or corporate customers and we believe we provide a value added service, with regard to claims and hospitalisation as well, of course as advice about which is the best medical plan to be on.